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Avoid surgery with our cutting edge therapies.

The Orthopedic Institute of Dallas specializes in comprehensive pain treatment for advanced spinal disorders, joint disorders, complex pain syndromes from nerve damage and neurodegenerative disorders, and global pain disorders ranging from CPRS to migraines to cancer pain. Beyond his rigorous fellowship training, Dr. Cubitt continues to bring new and innovative treatment options into his ever evolving practice as he continues his training in cutting edge, minimally invasive treatments as he maintains international ties that allow him to bring the latest advancements in medicine from both the US and abroad to his patients in an ever evolving treatment model. Medicine is moving rapidly forward, and we have to continuously integrate the best known treatments of yesterday with the new treatments of today if we are to constantly challenge the status quo, and continue to be leaders in patient care.

Bradley Cubitt, M.D_
Doctor and Patient
Back Massage
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