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Bradley Cubitt, M.D.

Dr. Bradley Cubitt, M.D.

Dr. Bradley Cubitt, the president of the Orthopedic Institute of Dallas, specializes in comprehensive pain treatment for advanced spinal disorders, joint disorders, complex pain syndromes from nerve damage and neurodegenerative disorders, and global pain disorders ranging from CPRS to migraines to cancer pain. Between graduating medical school with high honors and then completing residency training at UT Southwestern, he trained abroad and was given the rarefied honor of being elected as a select member
of the illustrious Iota Epsilon Alpha International Medical Honors Society for excellence exhibited in academic medicine. He then completed a comprehensive multi-faceted fellowship training program in three fields - interventional spine, pain medicine and musculoskeletal orthopedics. His goal has been to provide accessible, cutting edge therapies in the most minimally invasive approach aimed towards helping those in pain take back their quality of life, return to better functionality, and realizing their lives can be restored to more than what they’ve been subject to for so long. He takes a good deal of time bringing advanced, world class University Hospital medicine to the local community, thoroughly educating his patients on the reasons they hurt, then systematically going through treatment options specific to their functional restoration goals, empowering the patient to make informed decisions while he provides a clear pathway towards symptom resolution in a manner that is both comprehensive and understandable. He only partners in care with local facilities and surgeons that he has personally vetted to ensure that any referral he sends will lend to the same kind of treatment approach and thoroughness he would expect of himself.

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